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Pastor's Corner

August 10, 2022

Wednesday Blessings,

During my reading time on Tuesday morning, I came across a quote that is echoing in my brain and heart, "The main problem is not differences in points of view; it is the emotional reaction to the differences. ~~~ Michael Nichols.

There is so much in our world that can, and does, cause division. How do you react when confronted with conflict? Do you combat, engage, or retreat?

I believe that as disciples of Christ, we are called to move into the space of conflict with listening hearts. We are called to to be repairer of breaches in our families and communities. We are baptized into a mission to bridge broken connections with love and compassion as Christ loves us.

I am grounded in the thought that words don't divide us. Our reaction is what causes a chasm in our relationships. Love and compassion is the response that can open the way to understanding rather than building walls.

May God's peace be with you this week and all days.

Pastor JJ

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