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Pastor's Corner

September 27, 2023


Wednesday Blessings,

Above all things, I believe the gospel is an invitation to transformation. Richard Rohr shared these words in a sermon titled, "Creating a Community of Compassion,"

"The important thing that God seems to want to be doing in history is to create a community of compassion where people care about one another. It is not only the feeding that matters to us, it is also the caring for other people’s hunger and needs. Jesus never once talked about attending church services, but he talked constantly about healing the sick and feeding the hungry. That is what it seems to mean to be a follower of Jesus."  

Last Sunday's presentation by Bryan Welsh affirmed my belief. It makes me wonder how we are called to tell people about God's life giving grace? That's what our gathering is about on October 15th. How can we break out of the confines of our building to extend compassion and share our abundance with those in need? 

Lift up your eyes to see, truly see the people around you. Engage, connect, extend compassion.

Grow with grace, love, patience, and wisdom.
Pastor JJ

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