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Pastor's Corner

March 22, 2023

Spring Blessings,

Last weekend I snapped this image:

Life emerging in the forefront. Beyond the daffodils is a perennial that is yet to show any signs of life. Beyond those images is the cross - the promise to eternal life. A promise that doesn't wait until we die; it is an invitation that is extended to us here and now.

This Sunday we will hear the story of the raising of Lazarus. I offer you a question to contemplate before we gather Sunday for worship. How is the risen Christ calling you/us out of the tombs that we have been placed in or that we have created? How are we being called out to receive eternal life; to have a deeper relationship with God?

Be well my partners in the gospel. Take time to pause and notice the changes all around you. That which you thought was dead is now being brought back to life.

Pastor JJ

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